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victor asekome

Work Experience
Customer service
Bolev consulting
March 2005 - December 2011
In my previous work I worked for Boldev consultant, the company had a project with WHO on HIV/Aids and how to care for people living with HIV/Aids before the project started we got trained on the subject by staff recruited by WHO. I am genuine interested in people and fully understand how important a tidy clean home and the feeling that someone are genuine interested in your wellbeing is to maintain good health both mentally and physically. I have always enjoyed being around old people as they have such wisdom and expereince. I enjoy doing different things that make people happy and I certainly beleive that being met with respect, interest and politeness is essential for all humans in order to feel well. Having their daily needs fulfilled is about meeting the needs for both food, enviroment and care on and individual basis depending on each human being. I feel I have the capacity to do this. I also enjoy domestic work and always feel great satisfaction when I leave a room wich is tidy and clean.
Desired Employment
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