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Dipika Gurung

Work Experience
Experience Level:
1-2 Years
I have two weeks work experience at the EMI care home. Throughout the work experience I have gained many useful skills such as working with team members in a mature way; organising and planning activities. I have also carried out two months placement at Haxby road primary school and I volunteer at the Hartrigg oaks.
Care assistant
The lodge EMI care home
July 12/07/2010 - July 25/07/2010
I had two weeks work experience in the lodge EMI care home. The main aim was to provide care for the elderly while making sure they are respected and all their needs were met. I had to help and support the residents with their daily routine, such as getting up, getting dressed, helping them at meal times. From the work experience I have also learnt how to organise and plan activities for the residents while making sure it is physically appropriate. For example I could not do activities which required too much physical abilities, this has given me a skill to organise a task and carry it out successfully. I was also asked to record any extra activities each of the residents carried out every day, this has given me the skills to accurately record data on the sheet. Working with the different age group of people within the care home has helped me gain confidence on my communication skills as I realised the importance of tone, pace, phrase and volume when talking to people.
Care assistant
Hartrigg oaks
October 2011 - June 2012
I have also carried out voluntary work in Hartrigg Oaks for two years and still continuing to do so. There I had to plan different kinds of activities with the elderly, to support their intellectual stimulation. Games and activities which requires thinking and memory; such as scramble, miming games, bingo, card games, dominoes, word matching games and many more. Volunteering at Hartrigg oaks was a very rewarding experience. I am glad to have been dedicating my time with the residents. Even when not carrying out activities just sitting down and talking to the resident, the fact that you are there to accompany them at their time of need or when they feel lonely is a very pleasant experience.
Class room helper
Haxby road primary school
January 2012 - March 2012
I carried out two month placement at Haxby Road Primary School. There I had to support the teacher in the classroom and also supporting the less able children with their learning. Having done work placement in Haxby road primary school gave me the chance to develop my skills and knowledge further upon working with the children. I got a chance to see how the teachers used effective communication skills while interacting with the children. I also had a chance to carry out simple one to one task with the child and also group interaction task. The experience has also improved my skill on being patient. Working in the primary school has been highly rewarding as it gave me a chance to work with people from wide range of culture, age and background.
Student mentor
Joseph Rowntree School
July 2012 - September 2012
Helping disable student with their class work. Providing emotional and physical support to meet their needs.
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Full Time
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United Kingdom
Joseph Rowntree sec-school
High School Not Completed
Health Sciences
September 2011 - Present
9 GCSE passed in Joseph Rowntree School 2011 Grade C above in Math and English I am on my second year of A-levels