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Gianelli Anne Lourdes Go

Makati, National Capital Region

Work Experience
Experience Level:
1-2 Years
- private duty nurse - company/ clinic nurse customer care representative/ primary care officer
Private Duty Nurse
Private Duty Nurse
January 2012 - July 2013
 Taken adequate medical assessment and history in collaboration with other members of the healthcare providers such as the dietician and the physician  Involved family members in the care plan; encouraged to assist and participate in the delivery of care  Day-to-day patient interaction: provided warm environment and comfort to the patient  Vital signs monitored (changes and alterations documented); administered medications and treatments as pre ordered by physician  Provided/ assisted patient in self-care: dental care needs, bathing needs, elimination and other self-care needs involving hair and nail care  Documented patient’s condition and pointing out significant changes; reported to the physician and to the families  Maintained optimum health and well-being of the patient; directing in good health habits  Managed workload through time management
Customer Care Representative/ Clinic Nurse
Maxicare Healthcare Corporation
May 2012 - March 2013
 Facilitated out-patient availments and assessed coverage or non-coverage of availment; issued appropriate forms (referral/consultation/laboratory) for the corresponding type of availment  Assisted in the Annual Check-Up availment of members and releasing of ACU results  Rendered basic nursing care such as, first-aid treatment, wound dressing, etc.  Conducted initial medical assessment of member through vital signs-taking prior to actual consult with the Retainer Physician; assisted the Retainer Physician when performing physical examination; monitored and maintained records of daily consultations and work clearances  Dispensed over-the-counter medicines, health teaching given; conducted daily and monthly inventory of medicines and medical supplies  Conducted wellness programs for awareness of personal and public hygiene by spreading awareness about proper diet, nutrition and exercise and by conducting health checkup every month for all workers to avoid spreading of any infectious diseases  Handled medical emergencies resulting from events such as strokes, cardiac arrest, hypertension, head injuries, poison ingestion, heart burn, severe difficulty of breathing and burns; assessed and stabilized patients effectively, demonstrating sound decision-making that helped save patient lives  Prepares and submits pertinent reports as required by the Maxicare Supervisor/Manager/ Department Head from time to time
Customer Care Representative/ Primary Care Officer
Maxicare Healthcare Csorporation
March 2013 - Present
 Ensures and provides quality service; displays empathy and positive regard; generates positive atmosphere; builds trusting relationship by acting with integrity, courtesy and responsibility; maintains professional working relationship with the Client at all times  Works effectively with colleagues by practicing punctuality, respect for deadlines, collaborative problem solving, and honest communication  Receives and verifies doctor’s orders for patients utilizing the organizations’ internal mainframe systems and customers’ health benefits; answers inquiries about their health care coverage and limits  Facilitates out-patient availments and assessed coverage or non-coverage of availment; issues appropriate forms (referral/consultation/laboratory) for the corresponding type of availment; assists in scheduling laboratory procedures, instructs about the preparation and advises of the needed documents before the procedure/ operation  Coordinates patients’ other concerns to the right department through e-mail communications  Checks completeness of claim documents before submitting directly to Maxicare. Monitors arrival of claim cheques after 7 working days upon receipt of the complete claim documents from Maxicare-Claims department by maintaining a monitoring file  Prepares and submits pertinent reports as required by Maxicare CAS Supervisor like Clinic Utilization reports, Incident reports, and other reports that the CAS Supervisor deems necessary
Desired Employment
Staff Nurse Jobs
Other Healthcare Jobs
Minimum Salary:
£35000/Per Year
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
50% travel
Willing to relocate?
Desired Locations:
New York
Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
United Kingdom
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA
Bachelors Degree (or Equivalent)
Nursing (R.N. Training)
June 2007 - April 2011
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Gianelli Anne Lourdes Go