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ramona gherendi

targu mures

Work Experience
Experience Level:
5-10 years
registred general nurse
Emergency Hospital - Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiac Transplant in Targu Mures
September 2004 - Present
Registred general nurse in the field of anesthetics, operating block, anesthetics, and cardiac surgery MAIN ACTIVITIES AND RESPONSABILITIES:  preparing operating rooms for anesthetic operations and the appropriate medical devices  taking over the patient when he reaches the operating room.  psychological preparation of the patient and physical training: administers the anesthetic to the patient following the medical advice from the doctor responsible of anesthesia.  monitoring vital functions (pulse, systolic blood pressure, diastolic, mean (via a catheter with a photocell inter arterial)), pulmonary artery pressure, central venous pressure, temperature, peripheral oxygen saturation, diuresis ,chest and note them in the anesthetic log.  treatment is given directly in the central venous catheter  admin ary Ao, pericarditis, endocarditis ..).  preparing materials for balloon counter pulsation using the intra-aortical method.  conducting istration of specific substances pathology (prosthetic mitral valve, aortic by-pass, coron and evaluating cardiac output in cardiac output log.  collecting arterial blood directly through a catheter inserted directly into the femural radial artery for acid base balance, and the oxygen saturation in the artery blood vessel.  assisting the doctor at the oral-traheeal intubation.  assistance and medical service in conditions of maximum sterility using sterile materials required for the insertion of central venous catheters, Swan Ganz catheter measurements of pulmonary artery pressure necessary  mounting urinating probe in men and women  mounting of gastric probe  tracheobronchical aspiration and harvesting bronchical secretions if the doctor requests it  preparing the medication and the sterile tools.  moutinng the perfusion  administration of blood and blood-conducting preparations  performing ECG (Electrocardiogram)  assisting the doctor in performing the bronchoscopy  performing the dressings  cardio respiratory reviving in case of cardiac arrest (code blue)  assisting the doctor in the defibrillation process in an emergency case.  replenishing the operating room with medical supplies, drugs and sterile materials.  filling out the medical forms  washing, sterilization and packing of medical kits and individual tools  calibration of the respiratory and monitoring equipment  checking of received sterile materials  checking the valability of all the medical drugs from the operating room and the emergency shelf.  respecting the professional confidentiality  respecting the rules of aseptics and antiseptics  wearing the proper dressing equipment for the operating room.
Desired Employment
Grade G - Nurse Jobs
Staff Nurse Jobs
Minimum Salary:
£11/Per Hour
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
100% travel
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Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
United Kingdom
Gheorghe Marinescu Post High School, 3 years, General Medical Assistant profile.
Health Sciences
September 2001 - August 2004