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Dumitru Iulian Huludet


Work Experience
Experience Level:
1-2 Years
My experience as a physiotherapist started from my student years when I worked as a volunteer, supervised by a qualified therapist. My atributions as a volunteer because I worked in different places(hospital, home care) helped me improve my skills and my knowledge. I learned how to personalise a phyical therapy programme and to take into consideration every particular pathology or disability a pacient has. Also to develop my strengths as a PT I attended multiple congresses and specialzations in Romania, for example(massage therapy courses, radiology and imagistics, kinesiotape, rehabilitation after ACL surgery). And I am looking forward to achieve more and more in this domain to become a good practician.
Volunteer, assistant physiotherapist
Nicolina Rehabilitation Center Iasi, Romania
September 2011 - April 2013
• Assist therapists with treatment sessions (i.e. follow with wheelchair or IV pole, retrieve assistive devices, etc.). • Accompany patients transporting themselves to the rehab gym. • Stock linen cabinets in gym. • Help maintain general neatness of gym area: replace walkers, canes, weights, etc. • Get patients drinks, as requested by therapist, from nourishment room on the unit. • Perform clerical duties such as filing, making copies and running errands, as needed. • After proper training by PT staff, volunteers may transport and assist patients on contact precautions under the direct supervision of a therapist. • Volunteers may transfer patients onto a bed or into a wheelchair. • Assistance during treatments as asked for by the therapist, I may have direct hands-on contact with patients.
Home care physiotherapist, student volunteer
Caritas Diocesan Center Iasi, Romania
October 2012 - June 2013
-home physical therapy on different pathologies, ages(mostly on geriatrics)
Assistant mananger
Oxylane Group(Decathlon Iasi, Romania)
December 2010 - July 2013
• Finding the right product for customers; • Supplying friendly layout at all time; • Ensure sufficient stock; • animating the department by arranging the products by the implantation logic depending on the season • creating an adapted commercial dynamism depending by weekly sales and by current season • Increase my customers’ satisfaction and loyalty by providing both high-end service quality and self-informed layout which fit their expectation • Analyze the market and determine my commercial policy as well as my products and services offering • Developing my department business performance and profitability by providing targeted commercial offers and ensuring accurate stocks levels • Professional job skill training; • Training new employees by responsibility them with daily and weekly priorities • Promote sport passion (organize sport events and invite customers to participate • Creating contacts with local sport clubs and organizing different sport events with their participation • unloading the truck with merchandise, merchandise that is unloaded is imediatly distributed to the store’s departments in the end reaches to the shelves in the shortest time • working with cash register
Desired Employment
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Minimum Salary:
£2000/Per Month
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
50% travel
Willing to relocate?
Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Masters Degree (or Equivalent)
Health Sciences
October 2013 - Present
The aim of the Master of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy programme and its various study tracks in the second year is to train physiotherapists with the necessary knowledge, insight, skills and professional attitude needed to provide expert, high-quality care in the field of rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy. The common additional education and examination regulations (OER) for post-bachelor programmes in physiotherapy and in rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy in Flanders apply.
Physiotherapy and Adapted Physical Activity University Iasi, Romania
Bachelors Degree (or Equivalent)
Health Sciences
October 2011 - June 2013
The word “Kinetic therapy” comes from Greek: kinetos – mobile, therapia – treatment, and it is the interfering specialisation between medicine and physical education while it deals with the functional recovery of the motor impairments and it uses movement to treat it. The kinetic therapist, together with the psychologist and the doctor, are part of the recovery team in charge with physical, organic and psychic impairments. Motor recovery is one of the goals of the modern medicine nowadays and the graduates in kinetic therapy are therefore needed in national and international hospitals. Hence, establishment, in the academic year 2000-2001, of the specialisation in kinetic therapy within our faculty is completely justified. The number of students attending this specialisation has increased year after year, from 36 students enrolled in its first year of operation to 70 in 2006. Between 2004 and 2006 three classes graduated BA studies from our university: 36 graduates out of 36 for the first graduation class, 43 out of the 44 for the next graduation class and 63 out of 70 for the third graduation class, most of these graduates having been already absorbed by the national and international labour market. Our faculty is endowed with ultra-modern equipment and facilities and provides for exceptional learning conditions while our students can highly benefit from our lecture rooms, sports grounds, sports halls, teaching offices and computer rooms with new furniture and performing equipment. All practical training related to disciplines mentioned in the curriculum on the specialisation in kinetic therapy takes place in a kinetic therapy studio of 100 square meters, intended to multifunctional use: Massage Somatic and functional assessment as required by the following disciplines: Theoretical and Methodological Fundamentals of Kinetic Therapy, Techniques and Methods used in Kinetic Therapy, Manoeuvre Techniques for Patients, Electrotherapy. Aerobics For the specialisation Kinetic Therapy and Special Motricity, our faculty cooperates with other professionals (doctors and kinetic therapists) from the CFR Hospital of Iasi, the Children Hospital of Iasi and the “Ioan Holban” School Complex for children with special needs of Iasi. Admission to studies is made according to requirements settled by the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education and they are mentioned in the Admission Guide offered by our secretary’s office to all candidates concerned. Students of our university have joined the “Moldova” Association of Kinetic Therapy Teachers of Iasi since this specialisation was founded, while numerous people are still being currently enrolled to this association, which is a member of the FRAK (Romanian Federation of Kinetic Therapy Associations), member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT). Since 2003 the specialisation in kinetic therapy has been affiliated with the ENPHE – the European Network for Physiotherapy in Higher Education.
Physical Education and Sports University, Iasi Romania
Bachelors Degree (or Equivalent)
Teacher Education
October 2006 - June 2009
Specialisation in Sports and Physical Education aims at training professionals in sports and physical education. Our graduates are being awarded a BA in sports and physical education and they can either teach in pre-higher education (provided that they have attended and graduated the psycho-pedagogical module), or they can coach/train (this is only available as for the graduation class of 2008). Both full-time and part-time studies have been accredited on our faculty.