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kremena Skarleva


Work Experience
Experience Level:
10+ years
emergency center Burgas
July 01.07.2007 - Present
Emergency Medical Center,Burgas Emergency center serving an area of 7750km .We have 14 branches and more than 400 empoyees.They work day and night shifts.The ambulance cars equipped with oxigen system,defibrillator,intubation kit and everything necessary to provide quality medical car and transportation. We serve more than 600 000 emergency calls per year.The emergency center priority is patients suffering infarction, insultus(apoplexy),coma,pregnant woman, victims of car accidents,drug addicts.The reanimation team includes a doctor,a nurse and a driver. CURRENT POSITION: GENERAL NURSE -Transportation and emergency care for patients from car accident,occupational and domestic accident,Burns,patients suffering from heart disease,Drug addict; -Enema; -Sublingual injections,Subcotaneous injections,intramuscular injections,intravenous injections; -Splinting fractures of the extremities; -Gastric lavage; -ECG; -Management of hypertensive crisis; -Assessment of the patient’s condition
Multipurpose Hospital Burgas
October 01.01.2000 - June 30.06.2007
10.2000-07.2007 Multipurpose Hospital,Burga St.Stambolov buld.73,Burgas,Bulgaria This is the largest hospital in Southeastern Bulgaria with 680 bed and more than 1500 people staff.It serves more than 35000 patients annually.It consists of cardiology ward, gynecology ward,pediatric ward,maternity ward,neurosurgery,abdominal and thoracic surgery,urology ward,orthopedic ward, emergency,anesthesiology and intensive care ward. There are more than 110 people working in the Anesthesiology and Intensive care ward-doctors, nurses ,hospital attendants,rehabilitation therapists.They work day and night shifts on a rotating basis-1 month in the anesthesiology and 1 month in the intensive care ward.The hospital has 8 operating room -urology,orthopedics,neurosurgery,ginecology,maternity and three surgery rooms. The anesthesiology team includes anesthesiologist and anesthetic nurse.All type anesthesia apply-inhalation, intravenous,spinal and epidural anesthesia. In the intensive care ward has 20 beds and there are served patients victims of car accidents,severe respiratory incsufficiency,high percentage of patients with burns, comatose patients,patients after prolonged operation and all of them with direct theat to life. POSITION: Anaesthetic & Recovery Sister and Intensive Care Ward Anaesthetic & Recovery Sister-Operating Theatre,Recovery: -Checking of monitoring equipment ventilators and defibrillators; -Checking the emergency drugs,general preparation for the theatres list; -Checking the emergency trolleys et.Tubes,aiways blades; -Collecting the drugs-scheduled& finger’s drugs; -Preparation for the required infusion7blood for arterial lines; -CVP monitoring collecting the patient from ward to the theatre; -Assisting the anesthetist with induction,intubation and maintenance of the patient through the procedure; INTENSIVE CARE SISTER: -keeping medical records; -Blood pressure measurement; -Monitored patients control; -Bathing patients; -Care for intubated and tracheostomized patients; -Aspiration,trachebronchial lavage; -Prophilaxis of infection; -Caring for patients on artificial pulmonary ventilacion; -Putting venflons; -Dosing of drugs, antibiotics and medicaments.Intravenous infusions; -blood and biological serum transfusion; -Inserting urethral catheter,urethral catheter lavage; -inserting nasogastric tube for feeding; -Enema; -Decubitus prophylaxis,decubitus wound treatment; -care for surgical patients-bandage,drain lavage,drain removal removing stitches; -Assisting cardiopulmonary resustitation.
Desired Employment
Band 5 Registered Nurse Jobs
Care Assistant Jobs
Minimum Salary:
£10/Per Hour
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
100% travel
Willing to relocate?
Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
United Kingdom
Medical College Burgas
High School or equivalent
Nursing (R.N. Training)
September 1996 - December 1999
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Kremena Skarleva