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Work Experience
Experience Level:
1-2 Years
Care at home in Sweden over ponem with dementia 3 months, smooth move with a cane, he forgot the way home, care of the farm, keeping house renovation. Home Care in Stufen Germany over 75 years of master of Parkinson's and dementia, all activities, serving food, moving, dressing, undressing, washing, feeding, care of the household, cleaning, gardening care of the dog, shopping other assigned tasks. etc 6 months Childcare grandmother at home, in Poland, a broken bone head in the Sava hip, osteoporosis, dementia, three years, grandmother lay, care at home for three years. I belive that I would be a perfect candidate for the job you offer. I am a hardworking, goal oriented person, with a track record in project, furthermore, I am very well organised and always meet given deadlines.I do not mind working long hours. I am willing to learn.
Desired Employment
Care Assistant Jobs
Other Healthcare Jobs
Minimum Salary:
£250/Per Week
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
100% travel
Willing to relocate?
Desired Locations:
Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
United Kingdom
University of Rzesżów
Masters Degree (or Equivalent)
Teacher Education
October 1993 - May 1997
Speciality:Physical education and health hygiene, specialty teacher. Focus on subjects: biology, anatomy, biochemistry, psychology, physiology, sociology, tourism and recreation, physical therapy and rehabilitation. In addition, two courses: classical massage, therapeutic massage