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Tarek Rehab

Leicester, Leicestershire

Work Experience
Laundry Assistant
Royal Bournemouth Hospital NHS
June 2001 - March 2004
Worked as a Laundry assistant at Royal Bournemouth Hospital between the years 2001 - 2004. Here I worked with lots of types of industrial laundry machines for example sheet machines, smalls, packing and sorting. Part of the job was folding towels and kitchen cloths as well as packaging, sorting and driving to deliver the linens to the correct locations within Bournemouth.
Desired Employment
Willing to relocate?
Delacroix High School
High School or equivalent
Foreign Lang/Lit
September 1987 - June 1989
I completed 3 years at this High School, where I studied Literature and Foreign languages: Arabic, French and German. This level of education prepared me to go to University and is the equivalent of A Levels.
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