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Work Experience
Experience Level:
2-4 Years
 I worked as a Theatre Support Assistant/ Healthcare Assistant in University College London Hospital via Pulse Bank agency while pursuing my M.Sc. in Applied Public Health from Middlesex University, London from 22nd June 2014.  Post completion of my Master’s degree in nursing in 2011, I worked as a staff nurse in adult intensive care unit (I.C.U) under the department of anaesthesia, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, Basaidarapur, New Delhi, India from 8th August 2011 to 8th July 2013. E.S.I hospital Basaidarapur, is a Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (PGIMSR) and 600 bedded general Government hospital with 6 bed each in I. C.U and Cardiac I.C.U. Staff Nurse: Intensive Care Unit (Adult), Full time: 36-40 hrs per week
Sister grade 2 (RN)
Employees’ State Insurance hospital, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Basaidarapur, New Delhi, Ind
August 2011 - July 2013
Staff Nurse: Intensive Care Unit (Adult), Full time: 36-40 hrs per week E.S.I hospital Basaidarapur, is a and 600 bedded multi disciplinary Government hospital with 6 beds each in I. C.U and Cardiac I.C.U. Hospital provide patients care in various specialties including Medical, surgical, cardiac, pulmonary, nephrology, dermatological, ophthalmology, dental, orthopaedics, radiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, ENT, psychiatric, STI and others like physiotherapy, occupational therapy and Ayurved and yoga as well. Hospital also has Paediatric unit, General I.C.U, cardiac I.C.U, recovery, OPD, 24 hrs A&E services and blood bank services. Hospital runs special clinics like diabetes, Gastro-enterology, hypertension, nephrology, haematology, oncology, head and neck, asthma, quit smoking, high pregnancy, infertility, retina clinic and well baby clinics. Hospital has tie-up arrangement for super specialty investigations and treatment with nearby outside institutions. Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U) is a general adult critical care unit with 6 beds including an isolation room. Nursing staff comprises of 1 Assistant Nursing Superintendent, 2 ICU in charges, 10 staff nurses covering both day and night shifts. The average nurse patents ratio is 1:3 or 1:2. I.C.U. is fully equipped to provide care for the critically ill patients and follows a strict infection control protocol. We have 6 ventilators and which are mostly occupied. Procedures carried out usually include intubation, central line insertion, invasive monitoring, dressing, tracheostomy tube insertion, chest tube insertion, pre and post operative patient care. Duties and responsibilities:  Assessing a patient’s condition and planning, implementing and evaluation of patient care.  Providing high standard nursing care to meet the patient’s specific needs.  Ensuring standard safety measures  Ensuring that ventilators, monitors and other types of medical equipment function properly  Treating wounds and prevention of complications  Administering intravenous fluids and medications  Providing basic and advanced life support  Assisting physicians in performing procedures  Ordering diagnostic tests  Collaborating with fellow members of the critical care team in patients care.  Responding to life-saving situations, using nursing standards and protocols for treatment  Acting as patient advocate  Providing education and support to patient families  Maintaining reports and records of ICU.  Providing suitable, safe and therapeutic environment for the physical, psychological and spiritual well being of the patients.  Supervision of subordinates  Critical care nurses may also care for pre- and post-operative patients.
Theatre Support Assistant/ Healthcare Assistant (Band 2)
University College London Hospital via Pulse Bank
June 2014 - Present
Work area: Main theatre recovery, Surgical reception and Day surgery Unit, University College London Hospital, Via Pulse Bank Part Time: 20 hours per week during term time Full time during vacations and other periods. Duties and responsibilities:  Preparing recovery bays and stocking inventory as per requirement  Maintaining the sterility of the area and infection control.  Ensuring patient and staff safety.  Shifting patients in and out of theatre and recovery.  Checking medical equipments daily and sending them for maintenance.  Collection of patients' medicine and ensuring the supplies are checked and received.  Assisting the staff nurses in providing patient care.  Monitoring patient's observations such as vital signs, blood sugar monitoring etc.  Resource and waste management.  Communicating appropriately with the patient and the multidisciplinary team. My responsibilities focus on keeping patient first and maintaining the four core values of UCLH. I have to be well aware of my role in the health care team and be accountable for my action. Ensuring that the right healthcare professionals are approached and informed about the patient whenever professional interventions are needed. I must maintain my professional etiquette, including my attire, behaviours, carrying out any procedure or action. I must take initiatives in undergoing any training required for carrying out my duties. Respect our patient and team member and work in team.
Desired Employment
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Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
0% travel
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Languages Spoken:
Work Authorization:
United Kingdom
Middlesex University
Masters Degree (or Equivalent)
Health Sciences
September 2013 - Present
Master’s of Science in Applied Public Health Full time (Awaiting final result)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
High School Not Completed
Nursing (R.N. Training)
December 2005 - July 2009
Bachelor’s in (Hons) Nursing (4 Years) Full time – 30hours per week of clinical posting
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India
Masters Degree (or Equivalent)
Nursing (R.N. Training)
September 2009 - July 2011
Master’s of Science Nursing (Neurosciences) : 2 years Full time – 30hours per week of clinical posting