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Julius Lapat

Work Experience
Experience Level:
5-10 years
I used to work as a Clinic Nurse,Dialysis Nurse in the Philippines,and at present Im working here in Athens Greece Taking care of old couple.
Clinic Nurse
Homero B. Gesmundo Clinic
April 02,1998 - May 10,1999
-Responsible for taking personal data and problem of the patient -check the patient vital signs -weighing the Patient -Gives Health Teaching
Dialysis Training
Renal Services Inc.
February 2004 - March 31,2004
Probationary Staff Nurse
Renal Services Inc.
April 01,2004 - October 31,2004
-Responsible in the general care of hemodialysis patients and maintenance of hemodialysis machines. -Assesses, plan, organize and provides direct comprehensive care to patients. -Responsible in priming hemodialysis dialyzer and tubings, and machine set up and programming. -Demonstrates excellence in cannulation of hemodialysis patients with different arteriovenous access. -monitors vital signs, and reports any abnormal or signs of hemodialysis complications. -Responsible in rinsing of hemodialysis and tubing and its proper label and storage. -Reports accurately and promptly all significant events and problems to the Head Nurse.
OIC Nurse Manager
Renal Services Inc.
November 01,2004 - August 16,2006
-Under general supervision, performs the duties and responsibilities of a Nurse Administrators. -Plans over – all operation of the Nursing Service in Dagupan and Agoo with the Nurse Administrator – Internal Affairs. -Coordinates and controls the activities and operations of Dagupan and Agoo units. -Communicates and collaborates with the Nurse Administrator – Internal Affairs on Machine and equipment status of Dagupan and Agoo units. -Supervises, evacuates and disciplines the Head Nurse, Charge Nurse and Staff Nurse in the Dagupan and Agoo unit. -Regularly communicates with the Nurse Administrator – Internal Affairs providing her feedback on daily census, staff performance and attitude of Dagupan and Agoo unit. -Informs the Nurse Administrator – Internal Affairs of any violation of the company’s policies and procedure and recommends disciplinary action to be given to the staff nurse and assigned in Dagupan and Agoo units. -Make sure that all staff nurses are informed about the company’s policies and procedures and imposes strict compliance. -Attends to/ settles disputes involving staff nurses especially in Dagupan and Agoo unit. -Gathers and complies weekly report of Dagupan and Agoo units; regularly visits and inspects Agoo unit. -Plans lay forum for patients and their relatives. -Monitors equipment and supplies of the Dagupan and Agoo units; regularly visits and inspects Agoo unit. -Follow – up and gathers Monthly Collection Report of Dagupan and Agoo units for submission to the Executive Secretary at the end of each month. -Performs other tasks as may be assigned by the Nurse Administrator
Desired Employment
Care Assistant Jobs
Senior Care Assistant Jobs
Position Type:
Full Time
Desired Travel:
100% travel
Willing to relocate?
Desired Locations:
Greater London
Languages Spoken:
Greek, Modern (1453-)
Work Authorization:
Nueva Ecija Colleges
Bachelors Degree (or Equivalent)
Nursing (R.N. Training)
June 1991 - March 1996
Julius's Resumes
Julius M. Lapat